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The Worst Time to Retire–KTT #206

Know someone who just retired? It might be time to check in and find out how they're coping. January may be a logical time to retire, but it can also be the worst time. For that reason, we combined 4 podcasts for newbies to inform them of the new realities of...

Got Confidence? Maybe not – KTT #204

Got Confidence? Maybe not. Any big life transition can undermine a person's confidence in themselves and in their path in life. Dolores Kokinos of The Empowerment Cafe has studied confidence, and divided that essential trait into five building blocks: Belonging,...

Good News for 2017 – KTT #203

What the psychologist Carl Jung called “The Afternoon of Our Lives” (retirement) is finally being recognized by the American media as a new active stage of life. Wow! In this Kitchen Table Talk, Mary Helen and Carol review news reports from 2016 to discuss hopeful...

Gratitude is its own gift- KTT #202

Can you be grateful for the bad things that happen in your life? It often takes time and the perspective of years to see the good things that the bad thing actually conjured out of your life. In this Kitchen Table Talk, recorded for Thanksgiving, Mary Helen and Carol...

Making it up as we go along -KTT #118

We admit it, when we created Retiree Rebels one year ago we just followed our instincts as to the right direction to go. Which is what most new retirees have to do during this new unscripted stage of life. For their first anniversary, Mary Helen Conroy and Carol...

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