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I Hear Voices – CTT #109

  Do you hear voices? You know the ones in your head that say you’re "over the hill." Ever try shouting back? At the first gathering hosted by Retiree Rebels, we heard how society's negative view of age can deter people from pursuing their dreams. And we gained...

How to Love Downsizing – CTT #108

  If the time has come for you to downsize, forget the rules about tossing out unused dishes or out-of-style furniture. You can’t take it with you, and your kids probably don’t want most of it, so downsize.  Carol Larson says the only rule you need in culling...

Divorcing Your Job – CTT #106

In this week's episode, Divorcing Your Job, Carol Larson uses the metaphor of divorce in viewing the changes inherent in retirement. Listen as she discusses the similarities of these two major changes on a person's life, from property settlements, alimony and how both...

Retiree Entrepreneurs – CTT #105

It's time to do our own thing! After years of working for someone else, retirement allows folks to choose what they might want to "do". According to the Small Business Administration, more than five million Americans age 55 and older run their own businesses. Carol...

We’re Not Done Yet! CTT#103

Just because you're retired, doesn't mean you're dead. Carol Larson talks about how retirees need to move away from the ageist stereotypes of being old, doddering or near death....because you're not done yet!      ...

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