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What? Not Again! – CTT #204

Retirees learn early that reinventing yourself is part of this new stage of life, transitioning from what you once were to who you are now, incorporating all the latest changes. But over and over again?  Unfortunately, yes.  As Carol Larson recently found out much to...

Boredom can kill you – CTT #203

Bored to Death? You spent all this time and effort getting to retirement, just to take it easy for a change. Suddenly you realize you're bored. How'd that happen? Maybe the old model of retirement doesn't suit you because it's BORING. Worse yet, that old model can...

Can You See Me Now? – CTT #202

One of the reasons retirees feel "invisible" in the world is because the commercial marketplace ignores us. Product ads and media programs reflect American values, and people of age are (generally) not valued. Which is illogical to the max!  In this essay Carol Larson...

I Hear Voices – CTT #109

  Do you hear voices? You know the ones in your head that say you’re "over the hill." Ever try shouting back? At the first gathering hosted by Retiree Rebels, we heard how society's negative view of age can deter people from pursuing their dreams. And we gained...

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