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ASK MARY HELEN  with Mary Helen Conroy

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Ditch the Bucket List – Be Curious MHC#213

For the nearly and newly retired, you don't need another to-do-list hanging over your head. You're retired or almost. Mary Helen proposes that instead of that bucket list of things to do before you die, you change your mindset and become curious. She offers five great...

The Best Time to Retire – MHC #209

The best time to retire is when you're ready. Absolutely! Mary Helen also thinks the best time just might be summer as well. Making friends, getting out and enjoying nature are three keys to a successful retirement. She proposes some great ways to do just that. Wait...

Do You Need an Input Adjustment? – MHC #205

'Garbage in, Garbage out' is the saying about how computers operate, but it's also true of your brain.  If you believe it when people say you're old and done, you will be.    In this edition of Ask Mary Helen, she talks about changing the "input" to your brain, and...

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